RFP Proposal - Qualified Contractor for Junk, Refuse, Debris removal

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The City of Walsenburg is seeking qualified contractor and/or team of contractors and     
subcontractors to clean-up properties currently out of compliance with the City of Walsenburg  
Municipal Code - Land use code requirements, junk, refuse, and debris.      
Junk, Refuse, and Debris is defined as follows:  Unkempt Condition, including but not limited to:  
weeds, salvage, scrap, appliances, mechanical equipment, vehicle parts, metal, rope, bags, batteries, paper
wood, plastic, rubber tires, and chemicals. Including but not limited to: yard or kitchen waste not used
for composting, household or construction trash, or other articles or materials commonly  
designated as refuse.              


Primary contact is Gaye Davis - Interim City Administrator cityadmin@walsenburg.org
Secondary contact is Richard Colander - Deputy City Clerk cityclerk@walsenburg.org
RFP Issue date 9/29/2022
Deadline to submit for consideration 10/15/2022
Deadline questionnaire returned to city 10/30/2022
Date of bid award 11/15/2022