I-25 Walsenburg Bridge Replacement (Playground Closure)

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I-25 Walsenburg Bridge Replacement


Playground Closure


The Colorado Department of Transportation has started a bridge safety and infrastructure improvement project on Interstate 25 at Exit 50 in Walsenburg. Part of the scope of work entails replacing a sanitary sewer line that is located under the playground at S. Grant Ave. and Colorado Ave. To access and replace the line, the playground will be temporarily closed to maintain safety. The work will begin mid-July and last for about four weeks.

The playground is located at S. Grant Ave. & Colorado Ave. in Walsenburg.


Schedule of Work

  • Work in the playground is slated to begin this week and will last up to four weeks
  • Work will be performed around the clock until complete, weather permitting
  • During this utility work, there will be no access permitted to the playground
  • Fencing and signs will be installed alerting the public to the temporary closure
  • The closure is necessary to maintain public safety

Playground Closure Flyer


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