Interim City Administrator - Sharon A. Jakubowski Wolz

Contact Information

Walsenburg City Administrator 
525 S. Albert Avenue
Walsenburg, CO 81089

Tel: 719-738-1048

Email: cityclerk@walsnburg.org 




The City Administrator Position

Although the City of Walsenburg is a Statutory City and has not voted for the Council-Manager form of government, it has assigned the City Administrator the duties of a manager. The City Administrator does not set policy but carries out the policies of the City Council.

The Position of Walsenburg City Administrator was created on February 5, 2008 through Ordinance No. 967. The City Administrator is appointed to serve an indefinite term by a majority of City Council based on training, experience, and merit alone. The City Administrator serves at the pleasure of City Council and may be removed by a majority vote of the entire City Council.

The purpose of the City Administrator is to:

  • provide the centralization of the administrative responsibilities of the City
  • be the administrative head of the City under the direction and control of City Council
  • be responsible for the effective and efficient conduct of the office.

The City Administrator must become a resident of Walsenburg and maintain residency during the term of office.

The City Administrator shall nominate another City Employee to serve as Acting City Administrator during their temporary disability or absence from the City, subject to confirmation and approval by City Council.

Duties of the City Administrator

  1. The City Administrator shall enforce the laws, ordinances, and policies of the City and all contracts to which the City is a party. They shall assure that the City remains compliant with state and federal water and waste-water regulations.
  2. The City Administrator shall recommend an annual budget to the City Council, administer the adopted budget, and keep City Council fully advised at all times as to the financial condition of the City.
  3. The City Administrator shall superintend and generally manage all City Departments and their personnel. They shall develop written procedures for administering and executing City policies and establish appropriate personnel rules and regulations, subject to Council approval. The City Administrator shall appoint, discipline, and remove all officers and employees in the service of the City (except the City Attorney and Municipal Judge) and shall provide annual written reviews of employee performance. Changes in employee compensation must be approved by City Council.
  4. The City Administrator shall superintend and generally manage all City personal property, real property and improvements so they are properly maintained and ready for appropriate use.
  5. The City Administrator shall attend City Council meetings, submit a report of their activities prior to each regular City Council meeting, take part in discussions in an advisory capacity, and recommend such measures and policies as deemed necessary.
  6. The City Administrator shall administer the City's municipal planning and coordinate the City's economic development. They shall attend Planning and Zoning Commission meetings in an advisory capacity, and seek out City grant opportunities, ensuring their proper administration.
  7. The City Administrator shall develop and disseminate appropriate public information regarding the City and its various activities. They shall receive, investigate, and respond to public inquiries, complaints and concerns in a tactful, timely and respectful manner that recognizes the dignity of each individual and seeks fair and just resolutions.

Council Obligations and Restrictions

  • The Mayor and City Council shall provide the City Administrator with a written review not less than annually providing both numerical ratings and written comments on various performance categories.
  • The Mayor and City Council members are expressly forbidden to interfere in any way with the City Administrator in the exercise of the powers and duties, and neither the Mayor or any member of the City Council shall give orders to any of the subordinates of the City Administrator.
  • Except for the purpose of inquiry the Mayor and members of the City Council shall deal with the City Administrator solely through the City Board
2019 Work Plan Goals (from 2019 Budget)


  • Continue to analyze the current organizational structure and make recommendations to establish potential efficiency and effective improvements
  • Develop comprehensive program to identify training need and provide the City staff with the necessary skills to excel in their assignments.
  • Continue improvement in the use of technology to streamline efficiencies within the City organization and to improve citizen knowledge, interaction and e-commerce capabilities.
  • Implement technology to make the City Council, City Boards and Commissions fully transparent in all of its internal and external activities.
  • Develop a routine and process to identify funding for needed project from the State and Federal governments.
  • Identify and hire additional staff to assist in the achievement of goals.
  • Develop and implement an Emergency Management Committee to address “Natural Disasters” including wildfires, drought, and floods. The plan should address community warnings, evacuations, and the continuance of government operations.
  • Improve on and expand a long-term capital plan and budget that provides a strategy for replacement of vehicles, equipment, and City facilities.
  • Complete the codification of ordinances.
  • Complete the Comprehensive Plan update.
  • Initiate a review of the Traffic Control Plan.
  • Replace water transmission lines, throughout the city, sanitary sewer upgrades, storm water sewer upgrades and eliminate illicit discharges into the system.
  • Identify alternate gas transmission lines.
  • Plan for the accumulation of funds to add a water storage tank to hold in reserve at least 1 million gallons of treated water.


  • Develop and implement an ongoing “Marketing" plan to market the City to investors and developers.
  • Improve the cooperation between the City and Huerfano County government operations to include considering IGA’s to combine services.
  • Continue involvement with Huerfano county Economic Development Board and Tourism Board including cooperation on development of an industrial park.
  • Improve public safety by working with Huerfano County Sheriffs Department to develop innovative community policing programs. Improve and refine the IGA with Huerfano County to provide police services for Walsenburg.
  • Identify, repair, and re-purpose acquired vacant and abandoned properties Identify and eliminate nuisance properties to improve on the City‘s aesthetics and appearance.
  • Work with the downtown business community to expand business and services.
  • Completion of infrastructure construction to Martra.
2018 Major Accomplishments (from 2019 Budget)


  • Selected bid and awarded contract for the City Lake Dam renovation project. Expected completion date of July 2019.
  • Completed the Indiana Street project.
  • Selected bid and awarded contract for the Colorado Street drainage project.
  • Complete the reconstruction of the City website.
  • Hired new auditor and completed the 2017 audit. Initiated the codification of ordinances.
  • Commenced construction of O’Reilly’s auto parts store. Expected completion January,2019
  • Made progress on the Love‘s Travel Center project.
  • Made progress on the demolition of abandoned and condemned structures on Main St., Walsen Ave, and 7th St.
  • Replaced City vehicle fleet and equipment with newer reliable vehicles and equipment.
  • Established good working relationship with Huerfano County Commissioners. administration, and staff.
  • Reorganized the Public Works Department to make it more efficient and cost—effective.
  • Construction of infrastructure to the Martra property started in 2018
2018 Work Plan Goals (from 2018 Budget)


  • City Dam Project
    • Complete the rehabilitation and enlargement of the current facility to comply with the Dam Safety Compliance Plan.
  • Alternative Gas Supply Line
    • Investigate the purchase of an alternative gas supply line.
  • Raw Water Line
    • Complete the changeover of 27 Raw Water users to potable waterline.
  • Codification Project
    • Complete the codification of all City Ordinances, including adding language where necessary
  • Grandote Water Rights
    • Complete the process of a proposal to purchase water rights
  • Youth Advisory Board
    • An Advisory Youth Board was established with Ordinance Number 1027. Make recommendation to Council to implement ordinance.
  • Strategic Plan
    • The Planning Commission will complete the Strategic Plan including prioritization and present to Council for approval.
  • Review of all City Policies and Procedures
  • Review and Improve City Purchasing Policy
  • Review Personnel Policy to determine need for revision
  • Review Administration organization chart to facilitate departmental efficiency and effectiveness
  • Explore ways to modernize City internet technology and computer technology to facilitate departmental communication, data collection and retention.
  • Replace sewer system and water lines in old parts of town.
  • If alternative gas supply line is completed, consider options for providing natural gas to neighboring communities. (La Veta).
  • Bring sewage treatment plant to full capacity for future city growth
  • Increase administrative staff performance, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Utilize new process to enforce nuisance ordinance Number 1022 to fullest extent to improve cities appearance and aesthetics
  • Use available City ordinance to tear down and remove abandoned residences and buildings that cannot be rehabilitated
  • Develop a marketing plan to attract new businesses and industry


  • Maintain City services to levels expected by the City's residents
  • Operate the City's General Fund at a surplus
  • Establish business and commercial development practices to bring new employment opportunities to city residents
  • Maintain and expand the City’s infrastructure
  • Build and maintain trust and cooperation among the City Council, the City Administration and the citizens and business owners
  • Adequately provide for the health, well-being and opportunity for advance of the employees of the city. Expect excellence.

The City Administration will endeavor to provide all necessary services in a cost effective manner. Caution will be taken to purchase repair parts and all city supplies at reasonable prices, while continuing to support local businesses when it is fiscally reasonable and responsible to do so.

2017 Major Accomplishments (from 2018 Budget)


  1. Developed a 5 year Capital Improvement plan (CIP) for Capital equipment and Capital Projects.
  2. Refinanced 2007 Water Bonds.
  3. Completed Negotiations of the IGA for the Counties use of the Train Depot.
  4. Established the position of a Deputy Clerk.
  5. Completed the preparation of an orientation manual for use by incoming City council members.
  6. Annexed and zoned Wahatoya Farms property at 25462 Highway 160.
  7. Annexed and zoned AZTK Property.
  8. Designated Marijuana uses in zone districts.
  9. Surplus property of 15 items were sold with proceeds deposited in the general fund and used to replace a vehicle for use by the Animal Control/Code Enforcement Officer.
  10. City Council awarded contracts to Walsenburg Sand and Gravel for the construction of and paving of the unpaved portions of Indiana Street and project commenced.
  11. Established a Youth Advisory Committee by Ordinance Number 1027.
  12. Began Raw Water tap remediation.
  13. Replaced fleet with newer reliable equipment.
  14. Completion of the Northlands Lift Station funded by a USDA Loan of $3.8 million.