Natural Gas Department

Mission Statement

The goal of City of Walsenburg Natural Gas Department is to provide reliable and safe natural gas service to our customers and ensure the safety of people residing or working near our natural gas facilities. We are committed to enhanced Public Awareness as an essential component of our natural gas safety program.

Contact Information

After Hour, Weekend, or Holiday Emergencies - Contact Dispatch at 719-738-1044

Billing and New Services - For questions on billing or new gas service, visit the call 719-738-1048 or Email:  utilities@walsenburg.org

Call 811 BEFORE You Dig! or visit https://call811.com

Gas Dept. Supervisor - Calvin Aguirre

Crew: Derrick Omar,  Jesse Pacheco,  Alan Ruiz,  Evan Gonzales

Phone: 719-738-1048

Email: gas@walsenburg.org

Electric power lines, natural gas pipelines, communications lines, and other utility services could be within a few feet of the surface. For homeowners, excavating in your yard poses some risk so whether you are grading, installing sprinklers, or planting a tree we encourage you to Call 811 at least 2 days before you start any digging project. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, smart digging means calling 811 before each job.

Smell Gas? Report a Leak! -call the city of Walsenburg gas department at 719-738-1048 during business hours or 719-738-1044 after working hours and holidays.

Instructions for Reporting Leaks

In its purest form natural gas is colorless, shapeless and odorless but natural gas providers add a chemical with a distinctive rotten eggs like odor to make it easier for consumers to detect leaks. Other indications of a leak may include a hissing sound dirt being blown or thrown into the air and dead grass or a dry spot in a moist field.

For most consumers however, smelling the gas isn't the problem it's what to do next. Please follow these simple rules if you suspect a gas leak

  • do not attempt to locate gas leaks
  • do not smoke or use lighters matches or other sources of open flames
  • do not turn off lights on or off or unplug electrical appliances
  • do not use telephones including cell phones in or near an area where you smell gas
  • leave the area immediately and once you are a safe distance away from the suspected leak call the city of Walsenburg gas department at 719-738-1240 during business hours or 719-738-1044 after working hours and holidays.

Preventing Gas Emergencies

  1. Keep all appliances clean, properly vented and serviced regularly
  2. Ensure that each person of appropriate age in your family knows how to operate gas appliances and shutoff valves
  3. Don't use or store gasoline, aerosols or other flammable products near gas appliances
  4. Don't use an open gas oven for heating your home or drying clothes If you have a gas log in your fireplace, the damper must be permanently blocked in the open position
  5. Whenever changing your furnace filter, be sure to replace your fan compartment door properly. Filters should be changed/cleaned monthly during the heating season.
  6. Never cover fresh air vents that supply air to your gas appliances
  7. Have all gas line alterations and appliance repairs performed by a licensed professional
  8. Before digging in streets, alleys, or your yard, be sure you know the location of underground utility services including gas. City of Walsenburg is a member of the Utility Notification Center of Colorado (UNCC). Always call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado, (UNCC), One-Call Service at 1-800-922-1987 or 811 for free utility locates and before starting any excavation activities.
  9. Write your local Fire and Police Department(s) telephone numbers in the front of your personal phone book and/or post them in a conspicuous place


The City of Walsenburg owns its own Natural Gas Distribution System operated as the Walsenburg Natural Gas Enterprise and the City can provide Natural Gas at reasonable rates to anyone within the city limits or anyone along the distribution system.

We have incentives for new customers (Ordinance No. 1115). More information is available at our Utility and Billing Department page.

Budget and Financing

Natural Gas is purchased from Colorado Interstate Gas and provided through a city owned system to customers within the service area. The cost of services and operations is financed through gas distribution fees and gas supply charges generated by the utility. TABOR limits transfers into the enterprise from other sources. The City has adopted a PILT that requires the enterprise to transfer a percentage of profits to be used for the general benefit of the City.

Natural Gas Distribution System

Walsenburg owns its own natural gas distribution system serving approximately 1400 customers. The system consists of over 70 miles of distribution lines along with the numerous metering and regulator stations.

Gas is transmitted from Trinidad via a 33 mile long high pressure distribution line with 22 taps including providing gas service to the Town of Aguilar.

Within the City there are 28 miles of Steel Distribution Line and 10 miles of Polyethylene Distribution Line. The City of Walsenburg gas system is composed of Tar-Coat and XTRU coated steel, and Drisco Plex PE 2406 Medium Density polyethylene

2018 Work Plan

High Pressure Distribution -Replacement of the transmission line, including possible rerouting to expand service area

Gas Meters - Replacing all old gas meters with new technology

New Service - Extension of gas to newly annexed areas and new customers


Operations and Maintenance Manual (O&M)

The Walsenburg Natural Gas Department Operations and Maintenance Manual represents the general policy and intent of the City of Walsenburg for compliance with the requirements of minimum Federal Pipeline Safety Regulations, 49 CFR, Parts 191 &, 192.

Ordinance No.1115 Free Gas Service

811 call before you dig memo

Door Hanger 2018

Excavator Notification Letter

Customer Owned Service Line Notification Letter

2018 EFV Notification Letter


DORA - Pipeline Safety Program

Colorado PUC - Gas Rules

PHMSA Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration

Federal Pipeline Safety Regulations, 49 CFR