Planning and Zoning Commission

Contact Information

Joe Wintersieck - Chairman
Walsenburg Planning and Zoning Commission
525 S. Albert Avenue
Walsenburg, CO 81089


The Planning and Zoning Commission is an organization established to assist residents to comply with ordinances associated with the development process in Walsenburg, CO.

Mission Statement

The overall mission of the Planning &, Zoning Commission is to improve the safety, quality of life, and environment for the present and future generations. We will accomplish this mission by ethically and without prejudice, assisting our residents in understanding and complying with the ordinances and dealing with the environmental and development process in Walsenburg.

Commission Meetings

The Walsenburg Planning &, Zoning Commission meets in Regular Session on the 2nd Wednesday of each month starting at 6:00pm. They may meet in Special Session at other times throughout the year and generally holds a second meeting on the 4th Wednesday of each month at 6pm.

Meeting Agendas
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Record of Proceedings
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Commission Resolutions and Recommendations

2022 R 4 - A Resolution approving the George W. Birrer subdivision - rearrangement of lot lines - final plat

2022 R 3 - A resolution adopting certain rules regarding meetings and keeping of records

2022 R 2 - A resolution setting forth the findings of fact and determination on an application for a variance for J & M Property Investments, LLC following a public hearing RE: Off street parking

2022 R 1 - A resolution approving the All Pro Farms subdivision final plat submitted by All Pro Farms

2021 R 9 -A resolution setting forth the Findings of Fact and determination on an application for a variance for Accurate TDC, LLC following a public hearing - RE: Minimum Side Yard

2021 R 8 - A resolution setting forth the Findings and Fact determination on an application for a variance for Accurate TDC, LLC following a public hearing - RE: Minimum Lot Frontage

2021 R 7 - A resolution setting forth the Findings of Fact and determination of an application for a variance for Accuate TDC, LLC following a public hearing. RE: Minimum Lot Area

2021 R 6 - A resolution setting forth Findings of Fact and determination following a public hearing on the application for a Special Use Permit at 102 US Hwy 10, unit B, Walsenburg, CO 81089, to allow retail marijuana products manufacturing and more specifically the manufacturing of marijuana edibles using purchased extracts

Current Board Members

Walsenburg Planning and Zoning Commission
Chairman Joe Wintersieck    
Co-Chair Ron Eccher    
Ex-Officio Mayor Charles Bryant   
Ex-Officio Council Member Greg Daniels    
Secretary David Roesch  
Member David Roesch   
Member John Toplyn   

Membership and Terms of Office

The Walsenburg Planning and Zoning Commission is governed by Ordinance No. 1119 with the membership and terms of office defined as follows.

  • The Planning Commission consists of the Mayor, a member of City Council and 5 members who shall be bona fide residents of the City of Walsenburg. The Commission nominates members and City Council makes the appointments.
  • Resident members serve 3 year terms commencing on July 1st and ending on June 30th. Terms are staggered so the term of no more than two members expire each year.
  • Resident members may not hold any other elected or appointed position in the City of Walsenburg.
  • The City Administrator is required to attend meeting and act in an advisory role but has no vote.


The principle duty of the Planning Commission is the creation and maintenance of the municipal master plan. see CRS 31-23-206

In Walsenburg the Planning Commission also acts as the Zoning Board of Adjustment. see CRS 31-23-307

Commission History and Authority

The Walsenburg Planning Commission was originally created in 1960 through Ordinance No. 532under the authority granted by Article 59 Chapter 139 Sections 1-24 of the 1953 Colorado Statutes.

The state law allows certain local modifications may be made by ordinance and the City has done so in 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2018.

Colorado law has subsequently changed and Planning Commissions are currently authorized by Title 31 Article 24 Section 202 of the Colorado Revised Statutes.

  • In 2011 through Ordinance No. 997 the Planning Commission was enlarged to 9 members but otherwise made to conform to the guidance in statute. (3 ex-officio 6 resident)
  • In 2013 through Ordinance No. 1037 the Planning Commission was reduced to 7 members (2 ex-officio 5 resident)
  • In 2015 through Ordinance No. 1066 the Planning Commission structure was modified to remove the Council representative (1 ex-officio 6 resident)
  • In 2018 through Ordinance No. 1119the existing Planning Commission structure was established (2 ex-officio 5 resident)


Municipal Documents

Authorizing Ordinances

Ordinance No. 532
Ordinance No. 997
Ordinance No. 1037
Ordinance No. 1066
Ordinance No. 1119

Municipal Plans

Comprehensive Plan
Three Mile Plan
Strategic Plan

City Regulations

WALSENBURG ANNEXATION ORDINANCE(Chapter 15 provides guidance but has not yet been legally adopted)



WALSENBURG ZONING ORDINANCE(Chapter 16 provides guidance but has not yet been legally adopted)



Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Please contact the City Clerk's Office for the latest copy of current ordinances.

State Resources

DOLA - Community Development and Planning

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Long-Range Planning

Master Plan Primer

Comprehensive Plan: A Road Map to Community Development

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Meetings and Decision-Making

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Legal and Ethical Issues

Due Process, Ex Parte Contacts, & Conflicts of Interest