Street Department

Contact Information

Walsenburg Street Department
525 S. Albert Avenue
Walsenburg, CO 81089
Streets Supervisor - Vacant
Crew: Lenny Wilkes,  Sam Vallaster
Phone: 719-738-1048
Email: streets@walsenburg.com


State Highways are maintained and controlled by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

County Roads are maintained and controlled by the Huerfano County Road and Bridge Department

The Walsenburg Street Department is responsible for the year round maintenance of approximately 63 miles of local streets and 100 miles of alleys within the City limits.Most streets are paved in Walsenburg and the City continues to work with repairs and drainage issues

Budget and Financing

The Walsenburg Street Department is funded by sales tax revenue with some supplementation by state tax rebates.

State Transportation Plan

Legislation and policies at both the state (43-1-1103, C.R.S.) and federal (23 USC 134/135) levels require the development of a comprehensive, long-range Statewide Transportation Plan that encompasses at least a 20-year period and incorporates the priorities and the needs of the TPRs across the state.

Members of the Regional Planning Commission

Comprised of elected and appointed officials from the TPR, the RPC is responsible for establishing regional priorities and needs, developing the multimodal RTPs, and ongoing planning coordinating with CDOT.


  • Huerfano County
  • Las Animas County
  • Aguilar
  • Kim
  • La Veta
  • Trinidad
  • Walsenburg
Council of Governments:
  • South Central Council of Governments
South Central TPR Regional Priority Corridors

I-25: New Mexico state line north to Pueblo county line

I-25: Walsenburg Business Loop

US 160: Walsenburg Business Loop

US 160: I-25 at Trinidad to Baca county line

SH 12: US 160 at La Veta to I-25 at Trinidad

SH 350: US 160 at Beshoar Junction to Otero county line

I-25: Business Loop (Walsenburg)

Corridor Characteristics

  • Main Street in downtown Walsenburg
  • Key route for energy, freight, agriculture industries
  • Connector to US 160 from I-25
  • Trains through town impact traffic Bicycles and pedestrians in town

Corridor Goals and Strategies

  • Provide for safe movement of bicycles and pedestrians Improve access to I-25
  • Improve railroad crossings
  • Provide expanded or enhanced transit service
US 160: Business Loop (Walsenburg)

Corridor Characteristics

  • Main Street in Walsenburg
  • Commercial destinations
  • Freight and tourism route
  • High pedestrian and bicycle use

Corridor Goals and Strategies

  • Accommodate freight movement
  • Accommodate bicycle and pedestrian travel
  • Provide expanded or enhanced transit services


Regional Transportation Plans

South Central Regional Transportation Plan

2040 Corridor Profile

2040 Environmental Overview

2013 Regional Priority Corridor Worksheet

Southeast Colorado Projects

CDOT Projects - Huerfano County

Bicycle and Pedestrian Program