Water and Sewer Department

Mission Statement

The goal of City of Walsenburg is to provide a safe and reliable supply of potable water to customers within the service area in compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act and Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDHPE) regulations.

Contact Information

Water & Sewer Supervisor - Vacant

Crew:  Gerald Vigil,  Johnathan Wheeler,  Justin Novack

Walsenburg Water Department
525 South Albert Ave
Walsenburg, Colorado 81089

Phone: 719-738-1048
Email: water@walsenburg.org

After Hours Emergencies:
Contact Dispatch at 719-738-1044 or call 911

Billing and New Services - For questions on billing or new gas service, visit the Utility and Billing Department page or call 719-738-1048. Email: utilities@walsenburg.org

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Water and Sewer Service

The City of Walsenburg through the Walsenburg Water and Sewer Activity Enterprise can provide services at a competitive rate within the city limits or along the distribution system. All growth nodes are served by new infrastructure. Certain water rights held by the city currently have limitations on the allowable place of use. To review potential limitations request for Water and Sewer Service outside the Cucharas River main-stem require special review by the City Administrator and or City Council. Requests for water service where wastewater would be treated with septic systems also require special review.

Walsenburg also extends water service to adjacent County residents in the service area through the Water Haul Application -  Water Haul Application





Budget and Financing

The cost of services and operations is financed through fees and charges generated by the utility. TABOR limits transfers into the enterprise from other sources. The City has adopted a PILT that requires the enterprise to transfer a percentage of profits to be used for the general benefit of the City.

Water and Sewer System Overview

Walsenburg is in Division 2 (Arkansas Basin) District 16 (Cuchara Basin) and a member of the Huerfano County Water Conservancy District.

The Walsenburg Water System consists of Decreed Water Rights in the Cuchara River Basin collected in 5 Reservoirs, transmitted through 22 miles of Raw Water Line to a Micro-Floc Water Treatment Plant with a 6 million gallon per day capacity. Treated water is disbursed through over 100 miles of distribution lines with approximately 1700 customer taps in the service area. The City also serves approximately 700 Water Haul customers.

In conjunction the Walsenburg Sewer System consists of 100 miles of sanitary sewer lines, 2 lift stations, and treated by an Aero-Mod activated sludge plant with a capacity of .75 million gallons per day.

2018 Workplan

  • City Dam Project
  • Raw Water Line
  • Grandote Water Rights
  • Replace old water and sewer system
  • Sewer Treatment Plant

2017 Workplan

  • Water Supply Management Plan for Growth (in progress)
  • Extension of Northlands Sewer Line (in progress)
  • Replacement of Capital Water Storage Tank
  • Rebuilding dam and possibly enlarging City Lake water storage to accommodate more pre-treatment storage for future growth
  • Removing Raw Water Line taps (under State CDPHE order)
  • Extending water service to newly annexed properties

Water Conservation Measures

The City of Walsenburg has established protocols establishing Water Conservation Measures to maintain adequate water supplies for current and future fire protection and basic domestic needs.

ORDINANCE 1117- An Ordinance Establishing Water Restriction Authority.