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Contact Information

Walsenburg Animal Control
525 S. Albert Avenue
Walsenburg, CO 81089


Phone: 719-738-1048

Phone: 719-491-2885

Email: animalcontrol@walsenburg.org


The Animal Control Officer is responsible for ALL animal control duties and responsibilities. Animal Control enforces the regulations under City Ordinance 925. Issuing citations, written, and verbal warnings, court testimony, returning dogs to their owners, adopting, them out, or placing them with other agencies, as last resort euthanasia, with a local vet.

All incoming dogs are vaccinated for Parvo virus, Canine distemper, kennel cough, 9 in 1 shot, except Rabies, which are administered by a licensed Vet.

The up keep of the animal shelter is the Animal Control Officer\'s responsibility, cleaning, sterilizing, indoor, and outdoor kennels. Purchasing all supplies as needed. Keeping record of incoming, and outgoing dogs, dates, adoptions, agency, euthanasia, medical records. Purchasing shelter License, every year. All records must be kept at the animal shelter for a minimum of a two year period. I meet with the State Inspector from the Colorado Department of Agriculture, once a year, for shelter inspection. I am, also responsible for the up keep of the animal control vehicle.

The Animal Control Officer is also charged with Code Enforcement under City Ordinance 1022, &, 1042, concerning unsightly premises, rubbish, trash, weeds &, grass over 8 inches high.


Municipal Code - Animal Control - Page 1

Municipal Code - Animal Control - Page 2

Ordinance No. 925 -- Regulating The License And Impoundment Of Animals

Ordinance No. 1072 -- Chicken, Hen, and Rabbit Permits

Ordinance No. 1022 --  An Ordinance Defining And Prohibiting Nuisances

Ordinance No. 1042 --An Ordinance Prohibiting Weeds Brush And Rubbish


Dog License - available through the City Clerks Office