City Mayor

Gary Vezzani -  Mayor

Phone: 719-738-1048

Email: mayor@walsenburg.org

The Office of City Mayor

The Mayor is the chief executive officer and conservator of the peace for the City of Walsenburg. It is the Mayor's special duty to cause City ordinances and regulations be faithfully and constantly obeyed.

Election of a City Mayor

The Mayor is elected at the regular election (November of odd numbered years) from the City at large for a term of two years. A Mayor is limited to three consecutive two year terms.

Qualifications for Mayor

Candidates for Mayor must be a registered elector who has resided within the City limits for a period of at least twelve consecutive months.

The Role of City Mayor

The Mayor has a number of roles which are both legislative and functional. These roles include serving as the governmental head of Walsenburg, leading City Council meetings, coordinating responses to City disasters, and acting as an ambassador for the City of Walsenburg.

  • City Council Duties --The Mayor is a member and the presiding officer of the City Council and has the same voting powers as any member of City Council.
  • Signatory Duties --The mayor shall sign all documents which by law may require his or her signature.
  • Oversight of Officials Conduct --The Mayor shall supervise the conduct of all City Officers, examine all reasonable complaints made against any of them, and cause any violations or neglect of duty to be promptly corrected or reported to the proper tribunal for punishment and correction.
  • Keeper of the Peace -- The Mayor has and shall exercise, within the City limits, the powers conferred upon the sheriffs of counties to suppress disorders and keep the peace.


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