City Clerk's Office

Contact Information

525 S. Albert Avenue
Walsenburg, CO 81089
Monday - Friday
8:00 A.M. - 4:30 P.M.
Voice: (719) 695-1031
Fax: (719) 738-1875

Mission Statement

To provide accurate information and maximize access to municipal government.


Statutory Cities have an elected City Clerk who can serve for three terms unless the City votes to convert to an appointed Clerk (a similar arrangement to the City Administrator) or opt out of term limits. Professional City Clerks are certified through the Colorado Municipal Clerks Association after successful completion of a three year training program.

City Clerk
Stephanie Barr (2021-2023)

Phone: 719-738-1048


Deputy City Clerk
Richard Colander

Phone: 719-738-1048



The City Clerk keeps all records, issues permits and licenses.


  • Respond to the needs of the City Council and their constituents.
  • Prepare and distribute docket materials in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate and administer public hearings effectively
  • Administer and coordinate municipal elections effectively
  • Serve as filing officer.
  • Effectively support the election/appointment process for board and commission members.
  • Provide access to the City's official record and legislative documents in as many different mediums as possible. Access to information is a core function of the Office of the City Clerk.
  • Maintain and preserve City Council proceedings and related documents (e.g., minutes, result sheets, resolutions/ordinances, contracts/agreements, leases/deeds/change orders).
  • Administer records management program for the City of Walsenburg.
  • Maintain custody of City documents effectively.
  • Deliver excellent customer service.
  • Utilize best business practices for customer management.
  • Respond quickly and accurately to customer requests.
  • Provide current, comprehensive, and accurate information to meet customers needs.
  • Communicate effectively across the City.
  • Effectively work as a team.
  • Enable open and honest communication within the Department.

Public Records

City Council Records

Rules and Regulations

Plans and Reports

Forms and Applications