Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR)

TABOR and Debrucing

Property Tax Revenue:

Article 10 section 20 of the Colorado Constitution known as a Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR), requires approval of all Mill Levy increases and states that the maximum allowable percentage increase in any district's property tax revenue is inflation in the prior calendar year plus annual local growth.

Fiscal Year Spending Limitation

The maximum percentage increase allowed in a City's fiscal year spending is inflation in the prior calendar year plus annual local growth, adjusted for revenue changes approved by the voters. The City of Walsenburg adopted Ordinance 964 on August 15th 1995 to approve the submission of a voter-approved revenue change ballot issue on November 7th 1995. That ballot referendum read:

Shall the City of Walsenburg, Colorado be authorized to collect and expend the full revenues generated during the 1995 and each subsequent year, to use and expand non-federal grants and to receive property tax revenues for capital projects and municipal operations without limiting in any year the amount of revenues that may be collected and spent by the City of Walsenburg? Nothing herein shall increase the property tax mill levy and sales and use tax rates imposed by the City of Walsenburg.

The city of Walsenburg is partially debruced.