Urban Renewal Authority Board

A Bit About Urban Renewal

Urban renewal authorities (URAs) are created by municipalities to redevelop areas within their jurisdiction that are found to contain blight or slum conditions and require public participation to attract redevelopment. An urban renewal project is a public/private partnership. The majority of the funding comes from the private sector, public investment comes from tax increment financing (TIF), which is the increased amount of property tax or municipal sales tax revenue collected within the URA after the project begins. This new revenue is generated by the increased property values that result the project. URAs are voluntarily filing financial information and updates on project progress in standard annual reports developed by the Colorado Municipal League and Downtown Colorado Inc.

Executive Direct - City Administrator

Current Board Members

The Urban Renewal Authority Board consists of City Council, and one representative appointed by the County Commissioners, one School Board member appointed by the District, and one representative selected by the agreement of the Special Districts levying a mill-levy in Walsenburg. Once these positions are filled an at large representative will be appointed so the Board consists of an uneven number of members. see CRS 31-25-104(2.5)

Chairman Veronica Maes City of Walsenburg citycouncilward1b@walsenburg.org
Member Gary Vezzani City of Walsenburg mayor@walsenbug.org 
Member Fred Eccher City of Walsenburg citycouncilward2b@walsenburg.org 
Member Ricky Jennings City of Walsenburg citycouncilward3b@walsenburg.org
Member Don Martinez City of Walsenburg  citycouncilward3a@walsenburg.org 
Member Nick Vigil City of Walsenburg  citycouncilward2a@walsenburg.org
Member Jacque Sikes City of Walsenburg citycouncilward1a@walsenburg.org
Member Edie Flanigan RE-1 School District edieflan@msn.com
Member Lola Spradley Special Districts lspradley@sprhc.org
Member Bob Croke At Large crokero@msn.com
Member Carl Young Huerfano County cyoung@huerfano.us