Municipal Code

The City has been in the process of codifying the ordinances into a Municipal Code for the last 10 years and a new code is currently being considered for adoption.

The City adopted a municipal in the 60's and a copy of what we believe is that code is now available below.

Original Code

Walsenburg City Council approved a version of the Municipal Code in 2008-2009 which we have a hard copy of and are in the process of scanning and uploading.

Another version of the Municipal Code was produced in 2016 but never brought before Council. 

2016 Draft Code

Two years later the City was sent another version known as the 2018 Code Proofs which was reviewed by Interim Administrator Steve Robe who made certain corrections (available here). These were then subsequently modified by certain corrections made by our City Attorney Dan Hyatt (available here).


While this process is underway you can also access information about the following online

Book of Ordinances

Register of Resolutions

If you can't find what are you are looking for, please email Deputy City Clerk Terry Martin at and let her know what you are seeking.