Walsenburg seeks City Attorney

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City of Walsenburg, Colorado 
Request for Proposal

Attorney Services

I. Introduction

The City of Walsenburg operates as a Statutory City with a Council/Administrator form of government. The City of Walsenburg is a full-service city. Services provided include Public Works, Water, Wastewater, Natural Gas Distribution, Parks, Building Inspection and Code Enforcement. The city also maintains boards and organizations that are charged with oversight and direction for such areas as Planning & Zoning, Urban Renewal, and Historic Preservation. The City's attorney is retiring and the city is seeking the services of a municipal attorney, or attorneys to fulfill the duties and responsibilities described in this Request for Proposal (RFP). The City is inviting individual attorneys, or firms, to respond for the purpose of providing the City with the needed legal services listed in this request. All responses must be submitted in the form set forth in this RFP. One (1) electronic copy of a proposal must be submitted to cityclerk@walsenburg.org. Printed copies may also be provided if mailed to the address listed below. Electronic submissions are the official format that will be accepted and reviewed. Proposals are due to the City of Walsenburg, City Administrator's office by Friday, April 19, 2024 by 12 noon. Please address proposals to:


If utilizing delivery services:

Attention: City Administrator

525 S. Albert

Walsenburg, CO 81089

H. General Background

By structure, the City Attorney reports directly to the City Council. The City Attorney is the legal advisor of the Council, the Mayor, the City Administrator and any other officers of the city and represents the city in all city legal proceedings. The Attorney draws or is responsible for the content of all ordinances and other required legal documents and performs all such other services as may be required by statute, city ordinances or the Council. The attorney must be a duly licensed attorney in the State of Colorado for at least three years immediately prior to appointment and actively engaged in the practice of law in the state of Colorado during such three years. Preference would be for an attorney, or firm, to be located locally enough to the City of Walsenburg to be accessible to the above listed officials however, this is not a requirement. Once proposals have been reviewed the City Council intends to interview their top choices.

III. Scope of Services

  • Provide weekly legal services as needed to the City.


  • Attend Regular City Council meetings held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M and any work sessions or special meetings that may be schedule at 5:30 prior to regular meetings.

  • Attend special meetings of the Council as required.

  • Work with City staff on all legal issues.

  • Draft contracts, ordinances, resolutions, and other legal documents.

  • Review contracts, resolutions, ordinances, deeds, and other legal documents for the City.

  • Defend the City in litigation. If outside counsel is retained, coordinate and manage the City's interests with this outside counsel.

The city intends this to be an independent contractor relationship but is open to negotiate the type of employment relationship.

IV. Proposal Format

The proposal, at a minimum should include:

  • Cover letter/Transmittal letter — this should be signed by someone in the organization with authority to enter into contracts

  • Proposal outlining services to be provided and type of relationship sought with City.

  • Name and resume of the person who will be in charge of providing legal services to the City. This is the person that will be appointed City Attorney and will serve as the primary point of contact with the city.

  • Description of experience with municipal law or municipal clients

  • Provide the name of your professional liability insurance carrier and workers' compensation carrier and the limits of your insurance.

  • Disclosure of any conflict of interests.

  • Legal Fee — If you propose to bill for services at an hourly rate, provide the current hourly rate for each attorney and for each employee of your firm who may work on City Matters. Or, state specifically whether you will work on a fixed fee (retainer) basis and, if so, how you propose that such a vee be determined. Proposals for fixed rate should explicitly identify any matters excluded from that fixed rate. Please specify how your hourly or fixed fees will be based. Please disclose any other applicable billable rates and expenses, such as, travel mileage, photocopying and postage.

  • Provide a short list of current municipal clients or references.

V. Other Terms and Conditions

  • The City reserves the right to undertake its own investigation to evaluate a candidate. The City shall have the sole discretion to accept or reject any submittal.

  • Cost of submitting the response to the RFP, attendance at an interview, or any other such costs are entirely the responsibility of the candidate or candidate firm and shall not be reimbursed in any manner by the City.

VI. Contacts

For questions, please contact Richard Colander City Clerk at 719-695-1030 or email